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Hi. My name is Justin, and I want to welcome you to Soccer Drills Daily!

Here at Soccer Drills Daily, we’re all part of a community that’s a lot like a soccer team.

We’re here to help each other, motivate each other, and celebrate our successes together. We are players from all over the world, and we may practice individually, but when you’re on our team, you’ll never train alone.

Click on the short video below for a little more info on what we’re about, then read the guidelines below!


We have a few rules that all members of the team follow. Check them out below.

Team Rules –

1. Be a team player

On the Soccer Drills Daily Team, we’re a community of people dedicted to making ourselves and everyone else on the team better. We’re here to help each other grow with our knowledge, experience, and support. We never leave a teammate behind. We celebrate our successes together and help each other out when we fail.

2. We don’t care where you’re at now, we care where you’re going

Never played soccer before? Great! Been playing for years, but are looking for some specific drills to help you grow? Fantastic! We’re here to help each other out and to grow, and all the skills and drills on this site can be done (with a little practice) by both beginners and experts.

3. We always move forward

We’re always training and practicing to get better. Staying the same isn’t enough for us. We don’t need to see huge gains at a time, but we work to get better a little bit every day. We’re always looking to get a little stronger, a little faster, and a little better.

4. We Never Quit

On this team, we realize that constant training will be difficult, but with the support of the team, we never give up. We finish strong in everything we do, because we realize that “Hard work beats talent that doesn’t work hard” When we do finish strong, the team will be standing on the other side of the finish line to celebrate together.

5. Average isn’t enough for us

Normal players go to practice, maybe go to some camps, and don’t do anything else in the meantime. We recognize that to be truly great, we’re going to have to take some parts of our training into our own hands. At the same time, we are all about smart training, and we realize that great gains can be made simply by doing a little training each day.

6. We’re not afraid to ask for help

Having trouble with your dribbling and need some ideas to get you started? Don’t be afraid to ask for help ! Send me an email at Justin@soccerdrillsdaily.com – I read EVERY email I get and would love to come up with something directly tailored for your problem.

7. We’re trying to be as complete as possible

We recognize that the best players are well rounded players in multiple areas. We use the acronym FASTEST to determine all the areas we need to work on. We are always trying to improve our

Team Play
Excellent Ball Control
Tactical Soundness

8. We don’t do anything halfway

We understand that putting in half the effort yields half the results. We may be working smarter, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t also working harder. Full effort given during our training sessions means maximum benefits in the long run.

These are the requirements to make the team. To make this team, it’s not about your ability, it’s about your willingness to work hard, try to improve, and support others.

Do you have what it takes?

Also, stick around and comment on the posts.
I’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to the team!