There are a lot of soccer moves you can do to beat a defender. This particular move is a favorite of one of the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. If you watch him do this move, when he steps over the ball, his feet are moving so lightning fast that no one has any idea where he’s going to take the ball. If you practice, this move can become one of your best.

I already showed you how to do the single scissors move in a previous post. This move builds on that move by adding an extra level of misdirection. In the single scissors move, you stepped over the ball once, then took your other foot and took the ball the other direction.

When you do the double scissors, start off by stepping over the ball in one direction. Then, with your other foot, step over the ball in the other direction. With the outside of your first foot, take the ball off in the direction you originally faked towards. You can add a layer of deception by making your first step-over a little slow, then do your second stepover much faster. This will make the defender think you are going in that direction. As soon as the defender steps in the direction of your fake, take the ball the other way.

There are two ways that I recommend practicing this move. The first is to set out a cone and pretend it’s a defender and use this move to go around it. While this sounds like a simple drill, this move actually takes better timing than the single scissors. This is because with the double scissors, you have to do twice as many fakes and that takes more time. This means you need to practice your timing if you do this move while the ball is moving forward. This drill helps you practice getting your timing right.

The second thing I recommend you do to practice this move is to add a shot on goal. A lot of the time, you may do this move in range of the goal with the intention of using it to get enough space to get a shot off. Practice this simply by doing the move and at the end of the move, taking a shot on goal. After you do your two fakes, practice pushing the ball just far enough away from yourself to hit the ball in a single stride. This gives you enough time to get power on your shot, but it doesn’t give your defender time to recover and catch up to you. If you push the ball too far away from yourself before you shoot, it’s a lot easier to steal, so really focus on this timing.


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